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Georgian Stock Exchange Registered only 3 Deals in a Week

Georgian Stock Exchange Registered only 3 Deals in a Week

Both private and public sectors have been long talking about development of Georgian Stock Exchange (GSE), which was founded 18 years ago with the support of USAID. However, only a narrow part of our society knows about this fact. www.gse.ge is an official website of Georgian Stock Exchange and anybody is free to carry out any operation.

At this stage, the GSE capitalization exceeds 2.8 billion GEL, while the figure makes up 21.3 trillion USD in New York, 5.1 trillion USD in Tokyo, 3.6 trillion USD in London.

According to last indicators, GSE trades in shares and bonds of three A-category companies (EBRD, Silknet and Bank of Georgia), B-category issuers (Georgian Leasing Company, JSC m2 Real Estate, JSC Nikora Trade, JSC Nikora, JSC Liberty Bank, JSC Teliani Valley) and 101 uncategorized companies.

The price of shares starts from 1 Tetri (JSC Liberty Bank, JSC Teliani Valley) and grows to 50 GEL (JSC Tbilisi Universal Commerce Base”). At this stage, JSC Liberty Bank has sold a major number of shares (5.5 billion GEL) and the lowest figure is recorded for JSC Tbilisi Universal Commerce Base (750 GEL).

Over the past week, a total of 5 off-exchange deals were made, including on shares of such companies as JSC Caucasus Energy and Infrastructure, JSC Tracts, JSC Bakhtrioni and JSC Liberty Bank. Total value of the off-exchange deals made up 4.535 million GEL.

As to trading sessions, only 3 deals were made since February 23. All three deals were made on 10 557 shares of Liberty Bank and total value of the deals made up 353 GEL.  GSE Index (GSX) is measured buy total capitalization of 10 major Georgian companies admitted to GSE. Currently, this indicator is 225.26.  The following brokerage companies are represented at GSE: JSC Galt&Taggart, JSC Caucasus Capital Group Brokerage Company, JSC Silk Road Group, JSC Heritage Securities, JSC TBC Capital, JSC Cartu Broker.