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Georgian Govt is the Major Contributor in Hepatitis C Elimination Program

Guram Adamashvili, CEO of NGO “Position” gave feedback on the progress of Georgia’s Hepatitis C elimination program.

“I believe that the elimination of hepatitis C program is very important because, the patients within this program, were given a chance to defeat the virus and recover. Major contribution should be credited to the state, which practically gave and allowed patients to get a free cure and return to the normal rhythm of life,” Guram Adamashvili said.

He discussed the government’s contribution to the development of this program in lenght. “The Georgian authorities have managed to establish relations with the Western partners, to reach an agreement; this program and the free medical treatment for patients is a direct outcome of the agreement. The program is a priority for the current government, especially because the project is unprecedented and has never been implemented elsewhere. This is a great incentive to take more people. I appeal to the government that implementation of this program is acceptable, to help cure a lot of people, but it would be better to carry out similar programs for other diseases as well,” Guram Adamashvili said.

Since April 2015 Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia is implementing Hepatitis C elimination program. Patients can be treated completely for free. Georgia has about 200 000 people in this infection. About 200 000 of Georgian residents are believed to have the hepatitis B or C virus