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“Georgian Dream” not Rules out Russia’s Trade Sanctions on Georgia

Moscow  is working on several scenarios of economic sanctions against Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova – Russian media reports referring to  the government documents.
The ruling party of Georgia considers the threat realistic and says that such a move by Moscow will not be a surprise.

The Kremlin has already discussed the ways in which it  might punish Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova due to the Association Agreement with the European Union. The Russian government is discussing  three scenarios, of which the third, the most stringent scenario will be used for  Georgia. It is designed to provide defensive measures  for reasons of  national security. This option means the full trade ban on certain commodity groups.

Chairman of the Agricultural Committee Gigla Agulashvili does not rule out Russia’s sanctions against Georgia and says that it would not be a surprise, but the MP also notes  that the government has always  warned businessmen of such dangers and advised to diversify exports.

As for  the opinion of Russian experts that unlike Moldova and Ukraine, Russia’s relations with Georgia will not aggravate, Agulashvili says it is a pure guesswork, and we must be ready for everything.

“The fact is that we have to work as previously worked, and even  more actively, we should  improve the quality of our products and diversify markets,” – said the MP.

Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova signed the Association Agreement with the EU on June 27. These agreements have been ratified by the parliaments of Moldova and Georgia.

Chairman of the Committee on Sector Economy of the Parliament earlier this month claimed  Georgia didn’t have a trade agreement with Russia, accordingly, we were insured from nothing, but he did not expect Russia to make a decision to impose sanctions.

How will the signing of the Association Agreement with the European Union by Georgia affect Russia– Georgia relations, Russian media asked  the Georgian Prime Minister’s special representative  Zurab Abashidze even before the agreement was signed, Abashidze’s answer was as follows: ” We have received a clear signal that Moscow calmly looks at  our treaty with the EU. We are told that we should not expect any pressure . We hope so. “

A few weeks ago,  Dmitry Medvedev announced that “Russia will take measures in order to protect its own market, if Ukraine and Georgia’s Parliaments ratify the Association Agreements with the EU.”