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Georgian Consumer Started Excessive Electricity Sales

“The Georgian consumer has started sales of excessive electricity generated”, the project was launched several months ago and the electricity has been already supplied to first clients.

The GNERC member Giorgi Fangani told the Business Contact that Ilia State University spares 23 000 GEL thanks to solar panels’ power. The project raised interest in solar panels and its batteries manufacturer and importer companies, he added.

As to specific quantity of consumers, excessive electricity will be calculated and monetized at the end of 2016, Fangani said. To join the project the consumers should apply to their own distributor licensees.

 “There are only three similar distributors – TELASI, ENERGO Pro Georgia and Kakheti Energy Distribution. The consumers should demand for a special meter to count both received and supplied electricity. All other obligations on the network arrangement go to the licensee”, Fangani said and added that electricity monetization is carried out if the consumer supplies more electricity to the network than received.

“If a consumer buys 100 kilowatt/hour from TELASI for a month and generates 120 kilowatt/hour, this excessive 20 kilowatt/hour will be directed to the next month balance.

At the end of the calendar year all these indicators will be calculated. If I have supplied more electricity than received, then the licensee will pay the difference price to me”, Fangani noted

“Electricity exchange is carried out throughout the tear. At the end of the year, the electricity is monetized. There are several types of micro electric power stations – hydro, wind or solar panels. The last one is widespread and it may be applied almost everywhere, even in urban zones”, Fangani said.