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Georgian Cargo Airline Obtains EASA Authorization

Another Georgian airline has obtained a permit of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

Georgian cargo airline TCA has obtained an air safety joint permit as part of the non-EU member countries airline authorization process  (EU safety authorization for foreign air operators – PART-TCO) from EASA.

The permit authorizes the airline  to operate under one centralized permit in EASA member countries comprising 28 countries of EU and 4 countries of European Free Trade Association Agreement.

The permit confirms full compliance of the airplane operators with ICAO air safety standards and proves the high quality of flights safety norms and supervision (besides other elements, in the authorization process, attention is paid to results detected in the ICAO audit process).

The permit is valid until the operator satisfies PART-TCO regulation standards or the country (Georgia) issuing airplane operators certificate has not suspended or cancelled the validity of corresponding certificate. Starting 2016 it is mandatory for an operator of any third country to keep EASA authorized permit, which wants to perform flights on the EU territory.

Founded in 2012 TCA airline participates  in missions of various international organizations (ISAF NATO, DoD, UNHCR), besides cargo transportation. The operator owns 5 airplanes that are served by Georgian technical staff.

EASA flight safety joint permit will help TCA to easier operate in the European aviation market. TCA is another Georgian airline that holds a flight safety joint permit of EASA. In June 2016 the first permit was obtained by Georgian Airways.