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Georgia and Turkmenistan to Start Regular Direct Flights

Representatives of the aviation agencies of Georgia and Turkmenistan have held negotiations in Ashkhabad, the capital city of Turkmenistan.

The parties have discussed perspectives for starting direct flights between the two countries. The decision on negotiations had been taken  at the second session of Georgia-Turkmenistan  intergovernmental commission for economic cooperation (November 27-28, 2014). Representatives of Turkmen Airlines have also attended the mentioned negotiations (Türkmenhowaýollary).

As a result of these negotiations, the Parties have reached agreement to launch direct passenger flights between Ashkhabad and Tbilisi.

The Turkmen party presumes to start the flights by September 17 – after a new International Airport of Ashkhabad will open in solemn ceremony. For the purpose of promoting the flights inauguration process and timely resolving organization-technical issues, a delegation of the civil aviation state department of Turkmenistan will visit the civil aviation agency of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia in the near future.

At the meeting the parties signed a memorandum on mutual understanding. The document authorizes the Parties to perform direct flights to any destination in Georgia and Turkmenistan, without any restrictions. Previously, flights were performed to only the capital cities of Georgiana d Turkmenistan.

Moreover, by the initiative of the Georgian party, aviation agencies will start working on a new agreement based on liberal principles (The August 17, 1993 agreement is applicable currently) to promote free competition and tariff policy between airlines and to improve the service conditions.

As part of the negotiations, the Parties have also discussed the issue of promoting and simplifying performance of charter passenger and cargo flights.