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Georgia to Build 195 New Power Generation Facilities

A total of 195 new power generation facilities will be constructed in Georgian power sector. Total investment value of them makes up 11.1 billion USD, the government’s report submitted to the parliament reads.

According to the document, 52 power stations are at the stage of licensing and construction. Presumable installed generation of these facilities makes up 1.562 megawatts. Investment volume makes up 2.7 billion USD.

At this stage, 109 projects are being examined and their total installed generation makes up 3860 megawatts. Presumable investment value is 6 billion USD. Moreover, the government’s report also reads that feasibility studies are being prepared for 19 wind power stations (installed generation – 1219 megawatts; investments of 1.9 billion USD) and 15 solar power stations (installed generation of 543 megawatts, investments of 539 million USD).