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Georgia Records Major Improvement in Budget Transparency Ranking

According to The International Budget Partnership, Georgia takes 16th place among 102 countries in the Open Budget Index 2015.

Georgia as improved public access to budget information slightly over the past three years, according to the Open Budget Survey 2015.

It is worth mentioning that receiving such points Georgia could be named among countries with substantial transparency.

The report, the fifth of its kind, was the comparative survey of budget transparency, citizen participation, and independent oversight institutions in the budgeting process.

Assessing 102 countries around the world, the 2015 Survey found that Nigeria was among the countries that had risen slightly on its Open Budget Index (OBI), which it stated, uses internationally recognised criteria to give each country a transparency score on a 100-point scale.

Overall, the Open Budget Survey 2015 found that 98 of 102 countries surveyed lacked adequate systems for ensuring that public funds are used efficiently and effectively. The 98 countries fall short on at least one of the pillars of accountability (transparency, public participation, and strength of oversight); 32 of these fall short on all three.

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