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Georgia Stands 17th Position in terms of Tourism Share

Georgia Stands 17th Position in terms of Tourism Share

According to the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) Georgia’s economy keeps 17th position in terms of Tourism’s direct contribution to GDP.

WTTC published 2016 report. It is already 25 years the organization has been working and conducting researches on the economic and social impact of the travel industry in the world countries.

In addition, WTTC analyzes Tourism impact among 184 countries’ economies by taking into consideration various indicators.

According to the report published in 2016, the GDP share of tourism sector has increased from 2009 and it is characterized having growth trend in the future.

The organization estimates from 3.5% to 3.9% growth of tourism and travel’ share in the volume of national investments.

In addition, based on the information obtained from the report, 20% of employees in Georgia accounted from Tourism sector in last year 2015. WTTC expects 3.5% growth in the current year.

As for the position Georgia stands compared to other countries, based on the report, in this year the GDP share of travel and tourism growth will be 5.9%. In contrast to Azerbaijan and Armenia it will amount 4%.

By taking a look at the travel and tourism industry’s direct contribution to GDP Georgia keeps 17th position, however in terms of total contribution it stands the 25th place.

Notably, according to the 2015 data, Georgia was ranked 37th, while the total contribution to GDP, it was keeping 27 th place.

As for the other countries: the direct contribution of tourism to the economy, Azerbaijan is 59 th place, Armenia 60th, Bulgaria 65th, Ukraine 111th, Russia 144th, while Turkey is the 161 th place.