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Georgian money banknotes

Georgia Releases its Brand New Banknotes

On February 1 the National Bank of Georgia put new banknotes 20 and 50 GEL into turnover. The 100 GEL banknotes will appear in the turnover later and the NBG will preliminary inform the society.

The well-known themes from the previous banknotes have been maintained on the new banknotes too. At the same time, histories on the banknotes are expanded and replenished by new elements. The renewed design reflects Georgia’s important culture-historical heritage with more precise and modern appearance.

The renewed GEL banknotes have sharp colors that harmonize with dominant and contrast colors of the main themes.  


The GEL banknotes have also grown in size based on diagonal and symmetric growth principle due to the denominational value.

The renewed GEL banknotes are protected by easily perceivable and high-technology protection signs, including they include the denomination perception  signs for the blind.

The renewed banknotes are made of materials and protection mechanisms that make the banknotes more persistent to pollution and natural wear.

The 5 and 10 GEL banknotes will be redesigned later.