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Georgia receives top award at Japan wine show

Georgian wine is gaining recognition in Asia and especially among Japanese women, who recently rewarded Chkhaveri wine from Guria in Georgia’s west with a Diamond Trophy.

The Diamond Trophy is the highest award of Sakura Japan Women’s Wine Awards and presented to the best wines submitted in the competition.

The Guruli Chkhaveri wine, produced by Lukasi wine company, was applauded by the Japanese female wine experts and was subsequently awarded the top prize. The jury said the wine was appealing and worthy of a Diamond Trophy.

The international wine competition, judged exclusively by Japanese female wine specialists, reveal the best wines submitted to the competition in various categories; including Diamond Trophy, Best Accompanying Wine for Asian Food, Best Value Wine, Best Japanese Wine, Best Wine for under 30’s, Best Wine produced by a woman winemaker, Label Design – Best 10.

The profile of Georgian wine has risen immensely in Asia in recent weeks after being exhibited at the 40th International Food and Beverage Exhibition FOODEX JAPAN 2015. Six Georgian wine companies were presented at last month’s event, which is the largest annual food and beverage tradeshow in Asia.

The four-day event began on March 3. Georgia’s participation in FOODEX JAPAN aimed to increase the profile of Georgian wine and encourage more customers and tourists.

Georgia’s National Wine Agency proudly supports Georgian wine abroad. The Agency believed it was important for Georgia to be involved in top trade fairs as it would raise awareness of Georgian wine among international customers.

Japan in particular was currently one of the growing export markets for Georgian wine. In February 2015 alone, 40 percent more Georgian wine was exported than the combined amount exported in January and February 2014.