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Georgia Ranks 74th in ICT Index

International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has published the annual index of communication technology development (ICT), according to which, Georgia ranks 74th worldwide. The country has lost one position compared to 2016.

The rating consists of 11 criteria. Georgia’s rating point is 5.79 out of 10, down from 5.59 as compared to 2016. The 2017 rating unites indicators of 179 countries of the world. According to the research, 52.5% of households have computers, while 49.7% have access to the internet in Georgia. 

Indicator of broadband mobile service subscribers makes up 57.69 out of 100 ones.
And landline broadband service is available for 15.8 out of 100 ones in Georgia.

Georgia has 7.4 points of 100 ones in the criterion of skills.

Top five countries in the rating are as follows:
Iceland – 8.98
Republic of Korea – 8.85
Switzerland – 8.74
Denmark – 8.71
United Kingdom – 8.66
China – 8.61
The Netherlands – 8.49
Norway – 8.47
Luxembourg – 8.47
Japan – 8.43

In the rating Georgia is mentioned among CIS countries, where it occupies the 6th position. In the group Belarus ranks 1st (32nd in the whole rating), Russia is second (45th), Kazakhstan is third (52nd), Moldova is fourth (65th) and Azerbaijan is 5th (65th).