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David Sergeenko

Georgia – One Year on Prescription Drugs

David Sergeenko and the representatives of pharmaceutical companies summed up one year since prescription drugs policy came to force in Georgia. 

The Minister noted that the prescription system has decreased pharmaceutical addiction by 95%. Apart from some blemishes, the reform can be assessed as successful, Sergeenko noted. According to him, selling of psychotropic drugs without prescription can be brought to minimum.

“We do not have absolute power to control every pharmacy’s sales. The most important is that the issue has become episodic, while it used to be systematic just a year ago,” Sergeenko said.

According to the former head of National Agency of Drugs Tina Turdziladze, the system should be evaluated to see whether or not desired results have been achieved or not.

The Minister believes that main problem today is the high proportion drugs occupy in the overall healthcare expenditures. “We need to reduce it with legal and transparent ways, not with mechanic restrictions,” Sergeenko added.