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Georgia Losing Turkmen Oil Products

Transportation of Turkmenistan oil products through Georgia’s corridor has fallen to the lowest level. Paata Tsagareishvili, founder of Transport Corridor Research Center and HUB Georgia expert told BM.GE that Georgia’s transport corridor is irreversibly losing Turkmen oil products.

In January-September 2018 the Trans Caspian corridor handled 1.56 million tons of Turkmen oil products, up 37% year on year, but only 85 000 tons (5%) was directed to Georgian seaports and Georgian Railway network, the centre reports.

The major part of Turkmen oil products is transported to Mediterranean Sea via Russia through two transport arteries: Volga-Don river channel, which doubled the transportation volume year on year to 0.8 million tons and 2) via Azerbaijan, by use of Russian railroad infrastructure with 0.5million tons of transported oil products (up 26% year on year).

It is noteworthy that Russia is actively developing Volga-Don channel corridor and corresponding terminal network.

The countries of Mediterranean Sea represent a final destination of Turkmen oil products basically.

Development of alternative corridors and terminal infrastructure for Turkmen oil products redirects the transportation axis to Russia and in the near future Georgia will not able to regain the lost cargo volumes, the centre representatives noted.