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Georgia Launches Ikalto Valley Development Project

The government meeting has approved a draft decree for the Ikalto Valley development arrangements in the village of Ikalto, the Telavi Municipality.

Protection of culture heritage monuments and tourism development on adjacent territories represent one of the priority directions for the Georgian Government, the Georgian Vice Prime Minister noted.

“Today we have discussed the project for development of Ikalto Valley neighboring the Ikalto Monastery complex, one of the most distinguished culture heritage monuments. Under the project, as a special commission will explore the tourism development potential of the valley”, Minister of Economy of Georgia Dimitri Kumsishvili said.

At the first stage of the Ikalto valley development, primary examination works will be carried out for exploring the condition of motorways, water supply and water channel infrastructure, for their rehabilitation-construction, for identifying needs of the tourism infrastructure development, as well as for exploring landslip processes, their inspiring reasons and wind currents.