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Cancer patients in Georgia

Georgia is Starting Implementing Registries of Oncology Diseases

Battling with oncology diseases is a worldwide issue. In Georgia the number of cancer diagnosed patients is high, compared to other countries. However the exact statistical number was unknown, before January 2015.

This year Ministry of health has started implementing registering these diseases and will conduct the exact number of how many patients are battling cancer and how many new cases were revealed in 2015.

Head of Chronic Disease Division at National Center for Disease Control and Prevention Dr. Nana Mebonia made comments in this regard:

Registering oncology diseases has started from January 2015 and will end in December. Data will show the exact number of new cases, before 2015 there was no registration and therefore statistics showed that number of patients decreased. Unfortunately information provided was false and on the contrary the number increases.

At this stage Georgia uses data of International Cancer Research center  “GLOBOCAN” which  aims to provide contemporary estimates of the incidence of, mortality and prevalence from major type of cancers, at national level, for 184 countries of the world. The GLOBOCAN estimates are presented for 2008, separately for each sex and, for incidence and mortality data, for ten age groups. 1-, 3- and 5-year prevalence data are available for the adult population only (ages 15 and over).

“According to GLOBOCAN every year there are 10 000, 12 000 new cases of cancer, but Georgian experts opposite GLOBOCAN and say that approximately 8000 cases are revealed in Georgia, however with the existing data 5200 cases of cancer diseases has been recorded,” Mebonia added.

It is important to evaluate, the number of diseases to assess the effectiveness of preventive events.