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Georgia is Exempt From Tobacco Smoke

According to the Georgian Law on Tobacco Control, smoking is not only forbidden in all buildings and on public transport (except for taxis and motorboats).

According to the law, the consumption of tobacco products is also prohibited at educational, childcare and educational-care institutions, libraries, youth camps, children’s entertainment centers and other institutions for persons under the age of 18 and surrounding areas, as well in public meetings held for underage people. Smoking is prohibited in medical and pharmaceutical institutions and the surrounding areas, petrol and gas stations and anywhere where flammable substances are stored. The Head of the Tobacco Control Alliance, Giorgi Bakhturidze, discussed exactly what part of the street smoking is prohibited in, and how to create an environment for the proper execution of the law. Citizens are asking: is it prohibited to smoke in gardens, parks, squares, everywhere? Smoking is forbidden only where people under the age of 18 gather.

There are areas of parks with playgrounds, people need to be maximally informed, and warning signs are mandatory within all relevant areas according to the law. The administration that runs such areas should ensure that the warnings are attention-catching. Local municipalities or private property owners should take care to provide textual or other forms of warning.

How should we behave if there is no restriction on the above territories and we see people smoking near children’s playgrounds? We need to ask the park’s administration to react. If there is no administration (if I remember correctly, only Vake Park has it on site), we have to explain it to the person, without an argument, that smoking is prohibited.

If there is administration but the smoker refuses to react, call the police, who will take care of this issue. A smoker will be fined if he doesn’t obey the police or the person warning him to stop smoking. What should we do if a driver smokes on public transport? The Monitoring Service has detected drivers smoking in yellow and municipal buses. In such cases, the driver or the vehicle owner will be fined 500 GEL. If you see that the driver is smoking, please call the police and they will decide who to charge with a fine, the driver or the municipal service of City Hall, which manages public transport. Take care of each other and obey the requirements of the law!