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Sergeenko Saganelidze

Georgia Develops Healthcare Facilities

Georgia is taking its steps to develop healthcare clinics throughout the country. Georgia’s Ministry of Healthcare and Partnership Fund carried out negotiations with Austrian healthcare infrastructure and service delivery company Alpha Medic Consortium.

Georgia’s healthcare Minister David Sergeenko, together with deputy minister Valeri Kvaratskhelia met with representatives of Partnership fund and executive director of Alpha Medic Consortium Katerina Gomenuk.

According to the executive director of Partnership Fund, David Saganelidze special group will work with Alpha Medic and the Ministry of Healthcare.

Partnership Fund has conducted research of state-owned medical clinics in Georgia with the PF in partnership with the Global Alliance for Health and Social Compact. Based on this research the Georgian Government announced a tender on management, ownership and operation of state medical clinics in Georgia.

Due to the tender rules consortium has to ensure that the project is done in accordance with JCI accreditation standards. The personnel must be certificated and trained within a special program. The entire project should be carried out according to United Kingdom healthcare model. The winning consortium will be responsible to own and manage the hospital together with the state, according to the PPP principle.

A tender was announced on management, ownership and operation of three hospitals in Tbilisi – Republican Hospital, Cancer Center and Children’s Infectious Diseases Hospital.

Alpha Medic is a hospitals and healthcare management company based in Austria that has many years of PPP Projects Development (Design, Build, Equip, Operate including Healthcare and Facility Management) experience in CIS and Africa in partnership with leading EU providers of respective services.