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Georgia Can Attract Cargo of 6-8 mln t from Central Asia

“Transport Corridor Research Center” believes that Georgia has the potential to attract cargo from Central Asia.

The organization analyzes the indicators of 2015, which reflects export/import data of the Central Asian countries and notes that the selected countries are located in the cargo carrying gravity of Georgian transport corridor.

“For more illustration, export of Kazakhstan coal to Romania amounts to 3, which is over 1-1.2 million tons in per year, as of the hypothesis this cargo must be transferred with the shortest transport corridor of Georgia, but today these cargo is transported via the alternative corridor, in fact – it is the lost cargo” – the organization notes.

According to their calculations, a potential cargo loss amounted to 6 -8 million tons for dry cargo.

“This is the capacity, which can compensate the loss of cargo, caused by the external factors”, – the organization declares and recommends the government to define works with enterprises in the Central Asia and attract the cargo from them.