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Georgia-Belarus Cooperation Reaches New Levels

The Georgia-Belarus bilateral relations have reached new heights last period. The bilateral trade-economic cooperation is considered to have much potential.

The cooperation is dynamically developed between Batumi and Brest. The Belarus party has expressed interest in organizing flights between Batumi and Brest in tourism season.

Georgian ambassador to Belarus David Kotaria told the IPress that Georgia has completed domestic procedures on a package of agreements that was signed on April 23, 2015 as part of the Belarus President’s visit to Georgia  and due information was supplied to the Belarus Foreign Ministry.

It is also important to complete procedures that are necessary for enacting the agreement on Readmission of Illegal Residents between Georgia and Belarus. The Georgian Party has already completed domestic procedures that are required for the agreement enactment and the due notification has been forwarded to the Belarus party.

AS part of the bilateral relations, on February 9-11, 2016 the Georgian parliamentary delegation arrived in Belarus as part of the Georgia-Belarus parliamentary friendship group.

The Georgian delegation was led by Nukri Kantaria, the head of the Georgia-Belarus parliamentary friendship group and first deputy head of the Georgian parliament’s committee for education, science and culture.

As part of the visit the Georgian Delegation met with the Belarus parliament vice-speaker V. Guminski on February 9, 2016.