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Angela Merkel

Georgia and Germany to Sign Agreements of 193 million EUR

“I paid my last visit to Georgia 10 years ago, when the ceasefire agreement was signed. 10 years have passed and I reaffirm my support to the territorial integrity of Georgia”, Chancellery of Germany Angela Merkel noted at the briefing of Government of Georgia.

It is important that Georgia and Germany enhance cooperation, she added.

“This year Georgia celebrates the 100th anniversary of independence. 200 years ago German nationals settled Georgia and we have a long history of relations.

A lot of German tourists arrive in Georgia. Representatives of German companies have also arrived in Georgia. The Georgian Prime Minister has introduced opportunities in the education sector and we can provide considerate job for development of dual education system in Georgia.

We will sign agreements of 193 million EUR for building underground gas storage facility and improving water supplty system, Merkel said.

Georgia and Germany have successful cooperation in fighting organized crime. We can cooperate in various fields and it is important to develop cooperation between small and medium business sectors of Germany and Georgia. Moreover, Minister of Economy should meet more frequently to deepen economic ties”, Angela Mekel said.