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Gigi Tsereteli
Gigi Tsereteli photo from Ipress.ge

Generics Have the Same Quality As Brand Drugs

Due to increasing prices of drugs, the Ministry of healthcare announced introduction of Generic drugs on Georgia’s pharmaceutical market.

Member of healthcare committee of Georgian parliament Gigi Tsereteli made comments in this regard:

“When new drug is created, it has specific patent expiration date, in which additional production and licensing is not permitted. When drug expires, other companies take right to produce the same medicine with the different name. Creating new brand drug costs millions of dollars, as it needs multi-stage experiments and high class scientists”.

“Generic drugs do not differ from expensive brand medicines, firstly Generics are popular because of their law prices and the same quality. Quality of Generic drugs are the same as brand medicines with the same substance, Tsereteli added.

The current guidelines are already available, according to which insurance companies and family doctors prefer Generics.

Considering origin country of Generics is the one major problem that patients and doctors face, however experts believe that origin of the drug does not measure the quality.

Productions are diversified because of a global modern economy. US and many other countries produce drugs in  Asia, China, where working force is cheap but equipment is the same quality as it is in developed countries. India as well has rapidly growing economy and produces high quality goods. Saying that produced drugs in China or in India is of a low quality, is false.  big companies have high and reliable systems.