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First Georgian Jamon Made by Pork in Kakheti Introduced

Specialists of the Agricultural Research Center received the first Georgian Jamon. After joint cooperation with the Spanish company “Deraza Iberiko” and Partnership Fund, it has been the first Georgian Jamon at the Research Center Jigura Base.

The center claims that the production of Jamon technology from Kakheti pork meat is still in the process of observation, so it has not yet been delivered to entrepreneurs.

The memorandum was signed between the research center and the Spanish businessman’s company ”NATIVE GEORGIAN”, founded in Georgia in 2016.

Cooperation aims at promoting restoration of Kakhetian pig population, intensification of swine breeding intensive model, using fertile forest reserves and introduction of the world-famous method of  Jamon in the regions of Georgia.

As a result of the completion of two years, Krtsanisi pig farm has already been built up to 200 souls. In addition, the Center’s specialists provide free consultation in the process of bringing the farm in several regions of Georgia to the development of Kakheti pigs.

After completion of the experimental process the Center intends to provide active consultation in the production of Georgian Jamon for same farmers. The project is also intended to open 9 new enterprises in favorable conditions for the local varieties.