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Farmers krom Khulo Exported 4 tons of Georgian Garlic to the EU

According to Resan Chogadze, the Chief Specialist of the Ministry of Agriculture department of Ajara, 4 tons of garlic has exported to Germany by 4 farmers of Khulo- Jemal Artmeladze, Mikheil Choghadze, Aleksandre Ishkhnelidze and Bidzina Shavadze.

Farmers sown garlic in Fall, 2015, covering 0.5. It was the first time for them to produce garlic aiming to sale.

Within the pilot program, Adjara A.R. The Agro Service Center of the Ministry of Agriculture linked the farmers with the Ukrainian supplier who supported export of Georgian garlic to Germany. The Ukrainian side paid USD 2.5 per kilogram to the Georgian farmers.

“This year the Ministry of Agriculture of Ajara plans to hold a program of garlic sowing. These farmers are going to get involved in this program as far as they have been very effective and have earned more income. For example, potatoes were sown in the same area and 700-800 GEL was earned  from approximately 1000 sq.m.;in this case,2500 dollars worth product was purchased from this property, which is very workable”,-said Resan Chogadze.

As shown from the chart, import significantly exceeds export. Thus, we can conclude that the quota is not restricted to the production of garlic.

EU countries produce about 300 thousand tons annually, 23 million tons are produced worldwide. Spain is the largest producer of garlic in the EU which produces about 200 thousand tons annually. Italy and France are in second and third place. In the EU, mainly garlic imports come from China and Argentina.


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Source: eugeorgia.info