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Economy Ministry Predicts Export Growth

Exports Grow, Imports Decline in September

In September exports increased and imports declined. Consequently, negative trade balance has been improved.

According to official statistics, in September exports made up 301.7 million USD, imports constituted 711.4 million USD. The negative trade balance made up 409.7 million USD, up 82.6 million USD.

As to the January-September indicators, Georgia’s external trade turnover (without undeclared trade) made up 9.125 billion USD. The year on year growth equalled to 20.8%. 

Exports equalled to 2.448 billion USD, up 25.7% and imports amounted to 6.677 billion USD, up 19.1%. The negative trade balance totalled 4.228 billion USD, that is 46.3% in negative trade turnover.