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Experts Interested in Unique Cheese of Khani

The qvevri cheese producing technology counts centuries the village of Khani. In order to promote cheese, TV company ”Miri” visited village Khani.

Together with the cheese expert Ana Mikadze-Chikvaidze, the program will be prepared about history of agriculture in Khani. Particular attention is paid to the technology and storage of qvevri cheese.

Expert Miqadze-Chikvaidze, Chairman of the Association of Cheese Producers Association of Georgia met with Baghdadi’s leadership and Head of Tourism Development Division. The meeting was upon popularization of qvevri cheese.

As experts say, this type of cheese is rare and it’s important to introduce it to foreign market. According to the her, it needs patenting because of uniqueness.

Imeretian cheese festival will be held on May 2 in Kutaisi, where khani kvevri cheese will be presented.