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Experts Believe that Boycott of Russian Products is Unjustified

Why did a boycott of Russian products, declared in social networks several months ago,  has failed in Georgia?
The organizers do not have information about the results of the campaign titled  “Boycott invader’s  products” , how many consumers actually refused to buy Russian products, while  the statistics confirm the growth of imports from Russia.

Unlike Georgia, a boycott of Russian products in Ukraine decreased  the sales by 40%.

The experts interviewed by “Commersant” believe that such a step is not economically feasible for the Georgian side.

According to the expert Levan Kalandadze, the protest was not actually carried out in Georgia and the scale of the campaign  was very insignificant.

From the human point of view, the expert shares a content of  the protest and the pathos but as an economist believes that similarprotests have  never been profitable for protesters  and will not bring any benefit  to Georgian users.

Another economic expert Emzar Jgerenaia also thinks that it is inexpedient to boycott the Russian products.

In his words, such a decision would be suicide for any reasonable person and businessmen. Jgerenaia notes  that Russia has been an occupant of Georgia for a long time, but it does not prevent countries to have trade relations.

The expert says that Georgia  should not aggravate the economic relations with Russia, because it would be a  catastrophe for the country and will not bring anything good.

Jgerenaia adds Georgia should think of its own problems because no one recommended us to boycott Russian products.