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Ex Economy Minister: Our Advantage Consists in Our Reforms

“Working in Indonesia is not as interesting as in Georgia, because Georgia is my homeland and working in Georgia was more interesting for me”, former Economy Minister Vera Kobalia told the Women Narrative program.

Currently, she works as an advisor for Government of Indonesia. Indonesia market has many resources, but Georgia is a less-known country there, she said.

“What may be interesting for Georgian entrepreneurs, businessmen in Indonesia? Tourism is one of the interesting sectors, because GDP per capita grows very quickly in Indonesia and Indonesian citizens have much interest in visiting various places of the world. For example, I am frequently asked about Georgia, because they have no information in practice. Georgian Embassy has been involved in this process and I know that it arranges various tourism exhibitions. Other tourism agencies are also able to join this process. I think it is possible to deliver various products to Indonesia from Georgia.

Thanks to efforts of Georgian Embassy, various high-ranking officials  of Indonesia paid visit to Georgia. They were interested in Georgia’s economic reforms, Justice House, registration and regulation issues and so on. Then they were talking about their emotions for a long period and they expressed astonishment over our reforms. I frequently say that reforms implemented in Georgia is our advantage and many universities teach these reforms today. We should maximally use these reforms  and popularize them worldwide. We do not have such resources as oil and gas, but we have knowledge that may be exhibited worldwide”, Vera Kobalia noted.