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EVOLUXER Presented the Results of ENPARD Project at a Closeout Conference

On 12th of September, ENPARD partner Spanish organisation EVOLUXER organised a closeout conference to present the results of the EU-funded project “Capacity Building to the Agricultural Cooperatives Development Agency (ACDA)”.

The main purpose of the event was to summarise the results of the work implemented by the EVOLUXER consortia and the achievements in the process of strengthening agricultural cooperation in Georgia under the ENPARD project.

Opening speeches were delivered by the Attaché, Programme Manager at the Delegation of the European Union to Georgia Mrs. Christina Casella, the Head of the Agricultural Cooperatives Development Agency Mr. Giorgi Misheladze and the Director of the Project from the Evoluxer Consortia Mr. Sergio Vidal.

The conference focused on the work completed for strengthening institutional capacity of ACDA and the members of its registered cooperatives, institutionalization of continued training programme and improvement of understanding among cooperative members and wider society about cooperation principles.

Mrs. Christina Casella highlighted the importance of the project results and expressed her content concerning the plans of ACDA to intensify its work in the direction of agricultural cooperatives’ trainings. She noted that the follow-up of the project after its closeout is crucially important for the sustainability of the current achievements.

The Capacity Building Expert of the Project Ms. Maia Nebieridze highlighted that up to 3000 agricultural cooperative members were trained in the framework of the project and highly qualified international and local experts were intensively engaged in elaboration of policy documents for ACDA.

Mr. Giorgi Misheladze assessed the results and achievements of the project positively and expressed his gratefulness towards the EU Delegation to Georgia and Evoluxer Consortia for the successful delivery of the project. He also mentioned that despite the huge progress made in the last two years, further assistance of donors will play a significant role in the cooperative development in Georgia.

The conference was attended by the representatives of the EU Delegation to Georgia, Agricultural Cooperatives Development Agency, Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, EVOLUXER Consortia, ENPARD stakeholders and members of the successful agricultural cooperatives in the country. Moreover, field experts, service providers, NGOs and business associations engaged in the field of agriculture and rural development attended the event. The guests had an opportunity to teste the produce of ACDA cooperatives.

The “Capacity Building to the Agricultural Cooperatives Development Agency (ACDA)” is funded under the European Union’s ENPARD programme. The project aimed to elaborate a long-term development strategy for agricultural cooperatives, transform ACDA into a membership based organization, ensure involvement of agricultural cooperatives in their development process, and bring the ACDA structure in line with the organizational structure of similar organizations in developed European organizations.

Implemented since 2013, the main goal of the ENPARD programme is to reduce rural poverty in Georgia through support to rural development and agriculture. For more information about ENPARD please visit www.enpard.ge