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Evaluating Generics: What Outcomes Will Expanding this Sector Bring

President of Human and Prisoner Rights protection Giorgi Lagidze evaluated increasing prices on Georgia’s pharmaceutical market.

When we talk about drugs, first of all we need to mention drastically increased prices on Georgian pharmaceutical market. Especially in the terms of currency devaluation. In spite of the fact that currently Georgian currency is becoming more stable, prices on medicines remain high.

High prices on drugs is an actual and significant issue for Georgian people, due to such circumstances the Government of Georgia announced introduction of Generic drugs, which will relieve the situation. The Ministry is encouraging to the population to build trust toward Generics.

The world has changed to Generics, because Generic medicines have the same active ingredients as brand name medicines. They have the same effects as brand name drugs. But, they may be a different color, shape, or size. And, they are less expensive than brand name drugs.

I think that outcome from this situation is introduction and expansion of Generic drugs, but at the same time steepening quality control on drugs is a another significant thing to do.