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David Usupashvili

EU Supports Georgia Gaining Visa Free Travel

This statement was made at Fourth World Conference of Speakers of Parliaments in New York, by Chairman of Georgian Parliament David Usupashvili, where he participates with 200 parliamentary officials from nearly 140 countries.

The conference was organised by the independent body Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU)and it’s being held at the United Nations (UN) headquarters in New York, examined ways to effectively tackle global challenges to peace and democracy.

The Georgian official has completed his official duties and today evaluated his participation and discussions with foreign officials as “very fruitful and beneficial”, especially those that related to Georgia’s visa liberation perspective to the European Union (EU).

There are very positive attitudes with Georgia’s gaining visa liberation. I have discussed the issue in depth with the representatives of France, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Italy, Great Britain, Norway and Sweden,” he said.  

I was told that the European states will make a fair decision about Georgia and will not create artificial barriers in the process of our EU integration,” Usupashvili said. 

Before the end of December this year this issue will be sorted,” he added. 

Usupashvili stressed his foreign colleagues had a positive response to Georgia’s growing relationship with NATO too.

In recent days Usupashvili also met with parliamentary officials from Sweden, the Maldives and Uganda.

He said meetings with countries who were lesser known to the wider community served to inform them of the ongoing issues in Georgia that stemmed from Russia’s provocation and ongoing creeping occupation.