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EU and UNDP promote Mediation and Arbitration in Georgia

Development of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in Georgia has been the focus of the projects of the European Union (EU) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Georgia.

Working closely with the Georgian Government, judiciary, private sector and educational institutions, the European Union and UNDP will continue promoting the use of fair and efficient mediation and arbitration in commercial disputes, enhancing professionalism of Georgian mediators and arbitrators and thus assisting the country to improve business environment and access to justice.

Speaking at the public presentation of the new initiative, Thea Tsulukiani, Minister of Justice of Georgia, stressed the country’s progress in recent years in opening new ways of administering justice for people and private companies.

“Effective and reliable mediation and arbitration contribute directly to the improvement of business environment and investment climate,” the Minister said.

The new initiative builds on the achievements of the EU-funded project implemented in 2016-2018. It will continue supporting national associations of mediators and arbitrators and professional growth of the ADR practitioners. It will also help Georgia to enact policies, enhance international cooperation in the field of mediation and arbitration, and inform the public about practical benefits of alternative resolution of disputes.

“The European Union is committed to supporting access to justice and business development in Georgia.  Our assistance to independent arbitration and mediation is part of this wider effort,” said Catalin Gherman, Deputy Head of Cooperation Section at the Delegation of the European Union to Georgia.

“Efficient and fair legal services are essential to build the trust upon which economic growth depends,” noted Louisa Vinton, UNDP Head in Georgia. “Citizens and businesses need to have confidence that justice will be served in the event of a dispute. Alongside the court system, we see mediation and arbitration as vital tools for resolving conflicts with win-win outcomes and without spending a lot of time and money.”

With the budget of EUR 850,000, the new phase of assistance to Alternative Dispute Resolution in Georgia will be implemented in 2019-2020, contributing to the EU’s larger programme EU4Business and Georgia’s progress in achieving Sustainable Development Goals.