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Enterprise Georgia Director to Introduce New Strategy

We plan to conduct open dialogue with private sector to listen to their problems, visions and plans”, Enterprise Georgia new director Mikheil Khidureli noted.

Active involvement of private sector will assist the Agency to initiate proper and adapted programs, he explained.

“I decided to return to my homeland several days ago, because I have seen the necessity of involving young in development of the country. Today, the world’s developed countries supervise Georgia and this is historical opportunity for us to further enhance status of Georgia, as innovator and reformer country both in region and on global level.

I believe that efficient operation of Enterprise Georgia makes direct affect on economic development of the country. It is much honor for me to lead this Agency staffed with professionals. Based on teamwork principles, I plan to attain goals. We will not confined with achieved success and we will activate existing programs and introduce new programs too.

We plan to consolidate investment projects in Georgia into one platform to make them more interesting for investors and make a big step forward to enliven less-developed sectors.

We also plan to renew list of target exports countries to ensure proper positioning of Georgian products on priority markets.

In terms of domestic production, the Agency should intensify cooperation with Georgian business to make it stronger so as Georgia companies export products abroad.

We also plan to invite prestigious movie companies, because Georgia has huge natural resource and unique locations and we will hold a number of events for their proper popularization.
In the near future we will introduce renewed strategy of the Agency with detailed description of short and long-term action plan”, Mikheil Khadureli said.