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Enguri HPP
Enguri HPP, Photo by Oleg Pipia.

Enguri HPP’s Arched Dam Granted Cultural Heritage Status

Georgia’s Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection granted status of cultural heritage to the dam of the Enguri Hydroelectric power station on Thursday, which is among the tallest concrete arch dams in the world, with height of 271 m, and is located partially on the territory of breakaway Abkhazia.

The National Agency for Protection of Cultural Heritage granted the Engurhesi arched dam the national status of cultural heritage for the purpose of development of the country’s industrial capacity.

The Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Energy and Engurhesi Ltd are jointly supporting the implementation of the project.

The dam has the form of a sky arch and is bent in an arc shape. Engineers called its form a two arched curve. The form increases the resistance to water pressure. The bedrock has form of a saddle and is separated from the arc dam by perimeter stitches. This construction is considered unique.

Enguri hydro power station is built on the river Enguri, which is the most powerful of its kind in South Caucasus, and is partially located on the territory of breakaway Abkhazia. The dam itself is on the Georgia-controlled territory, while the electric station is on the Abkhazian side. The two sides manage the installation together and share generated electricity. Approximately 1.2 billion KWh has been distributed to Abkhazia annually without payment.

In the near future a special ceremony will be held in Jvari where Vice Prime Minister and Energy Minister Kakha Kaladze and Minister of Culture and Monument Protection Mikheil Giorgadze will sign an agreement that outlines the definition of a new national category of industrial heritage.

Government officials, Members of Parliament, representatives of local municipalities, the Investment Fund, energy sector, international donor organisations and diplomatic corps are invited to attend the event.