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Sulkhan Zumburidze

Energy Sector Achievements and Challenges of 2015: Chairman of GSE Overviews the year of 2015

The year of 2015 was very important and full of challenges for the Georgian power system. Many interesting projects were carried out in both generation and infrastructure parts.

Sulkhan Zumburidze The chairman of the board of directors of the Georgian State Electrosystem (GSE), overviews the 2015 important aspects.

“Our company launched a very important and large project for the Georgian power system several years ago. The project calls for reconstructing and rehabilitating all main substations of GSE. As to the current year, we have successfully installed new technologies that will serve the GSE and the Georgian power system for 15-20 years without problems. In 2014, we installed modern technologies at five substations, while the remaining five substations were reequipped in 2015. Primary equipment were entirely replaced. The substations were renewed by contemporary management and security systems. We have replaced all systems of 6-500 kw/h. As to the Ksani substation, the reconstruction works will be finished in the second quarter of 2016. This substation is the last one that will thoroughly complete our rehabilitation project,” Zumburidze said.

Besides primary and second-level equipment, we have also carried out supply transformers rehabilitation projects. Two mobile repair groups have stage by stage rehabilitated all main supply transformers. We have installed the voltage regulation under loading (RPN) systems manufactured by the newest technologies at all power transformers to improve the electricity quality. We have installed 13 units of RPN and this is a huge investment for our country. Currently, all substations provide stable and high-quality electricity supply to the consumer.

Our top-priority objective is to rehabilitate substations and transmission lines and to construct a new, modern infrastructure. We respond to the challenges of the contemporary world and construct a new and entirely updated system.

We have clearly determined our development plan for the 10-year perspectives. We have developed and approved, based on the government resolution, a long-term development strategy, where the infrastructure development and future projects are determined due to the coming year. This is a very significant factor to connect new power facilities to the network. We aim to boost the power balance of Georgia and increase domestic generation sources and reduce our dependence on imports”, GSE head Sulkhan Zumburidze noted.

“Our Objective is to Provide High-Quality Services and to Make the Commission’s Performance more Efficient”