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Elselema Clothing Factory to Open in Guria in Late May

Elselema clothing factory will open in Guria Region in late May. The company founder Elguja Mamasakhlisi told BM.Ge that the factory was to open in March 2018, howeverm the management decided to enlarge the output and the works were prolonged.

The factory will occupy two floors, instead of one floor and it will employ more than 200 citizens instead of 150 ones.

The enterprise is located in the center of Lanchkhuti, near the city hall. The company has invested 1.2 million GEL in the project implementation. 

“The works were prolonged for several weeks to enhance output. For example, we wanted to arrange a trimming space on the first floor, but later we decided to arrange a sewing space here too to enlarge output. We own a factory in Tbilisi too, from where the cut product is sent to Guria for sewing. We train or workers and they have already started sewing test products”, Elguja Mamasakhlisi noted.

LLC Elselema owns a clothing factory in Tbilisi (Guramishvili Avenue), where it has added a new production line and is rehabilitating the old one. The rehabilitation works will end by the end of 2018.

The factory manufactures women and men clothes and uniforms, including armored jackets. At this stage, Elselema sells products on Georgian market. The company has performed order of such brands as Koton and Moncler.