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Electricity Exports Annual Growth Records 8.6%

Electricity exports in June rose by 8.6% to 230.1 gw/hour. According to G&T, total exports of electricity in 1H17 rose by 7.4%.

Electricity exports to Turkey declined by 38.8%, while the previous year’s basis was quite high (+23.1 year on year).

Electricity exports to Turkey constituted 28.3% of total exports. Major exporters are as follows: Paravani HPP (89 megawatt), Georgia Urban Energy (58%), Adjar Energy, owner of Khelvachauri HPP – 26.2%.

ESCO exported 5.1mw/h (total 8%) to Turkey, in exchange for imports from Azerbaijan in 2012.

Exports to Armenia declined by 18.4%. ESCO ratio in exports to Armenia totaled 39.7% and Georgian International Energy Corporation – 60.3%. The latter carried out exports in exchange for electricity imported from Armenia in February-April 2017.

Electricity exports has doubled to Russian Federation (+98.2% year on year) and constituted 53.3% in total exports. Total exports was carried out by ESCO.