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Electricity Consumption Grows by 13% in February

Domestic consumption of electricity has increased by 13% in February 2017, the monthly report on electricity market by Galt&Taggart reads.

According to the report, electricity consumption increased mainly because of Abkhazia region and direct consumers. Consumption of distributing licensees rose by 9.1% in February: TELASI electricity consumption rose by 8.3%, Kakheti energy distribution electricity consumption increased by 4.9%, Energo-Pro electricity consumption grew by 10%. in Abkhazia electricity consumption increased by 19.9% and constituted 23.1% in Georgia’s total electricity consumption.

“Electricity consumption has largely increased among direct subscribers, up 24.8% year on year. It should be noted that February 2016 recorded a quite low base (-14.7%). Electricity consumption was mainly grown because of Georgian Manganese, major direct consumer (+33.1%). The company’s increased consumption has made considerable contribution to total growth in demand for electricity in February (+2.5%; 13% total upturn). The reporting month register unimportant exports of electricity, while electricity transit from Azerbaijan to Turkey made up 16.3 MWh”, the report reads.