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Egyptian Official Delegation of Tourism Sphere Visits Georgia

The official delegation of Egyptian tourism sphere, and 13 leading travel companies will visit Georgia on May 18, 2016.

Thus, on May 18, 11:00 a.m. concerning the visit the press conference will be held at Cron Palace Hotel.

The main purpose of the meeting with the representatives of the media is to introduce the current situation of Egyptian Tourism sector and the initiatives in this sphere.

In addition, 13 leading travel companies will establish the connection between Georgian counterparts. For this purpose, the special meeting will be held later on the same day in Cron Palace Hotel.

In the last 60 years period the number of tourists increased from 25 million to 1 billion per year. As a result, this sphere continues to evolve and by now every 11th person is employed in the tourism industry.

Tourism keeps one of the most important place in Egyption Economy: more than 4 million Egyptians work in the tourism sector, thus almost 12% of GDP revenues comes from tourism.

As today, Egypt is one of the most attractive and affordable place that offers its holiday-makers ancient culture, a mix of leisure, modern infrastructure and excellent weather throughout the year. In addition, amazing hotels and comfortable atmosphere is offered by Egyptians for their tourist.

Due to positive cooperation between two countries Georgia and Egypt, Egyp tourism ministry and tour operators plan to offer new attractive packages to Georgians.

In last 2 years, 33 thousand people visited Egypt from Georgia. The most popular month for traveling is considered December, January and March.