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Education Reform is Started in Georgia

Education Reform is Started in Georgia

Georgian Prime Minister, jointly with Minister of Education, announced launch of education reform in Georgia.

According to the explanations given by the Prime Minister of Georgia, this initiative is entirely oriented towards the rapid development and advancement of the country.

“Education is core to the development and progress in any country. Overall advancement without a significant development of the education system may not be achieved in Georgia. Solution to the problems challenging us in the country is embodied in the education system. That is why, its development and reform have been included in the Four Point Plan as Number One Priority. Education system should be based on progress, development, aspirations of free and happy individuals. On behalf of the entire Government, our political and parliamentary team, I wish to express our full support to the reform agenda that is being launched. Let me also wish great success to the Minister! Sandro is the person, who will superbly tackle the challenge and education system, that we will create, will thus be based on advanced technologies, access to superior quality education in the rural areas of the country, professional development of teachers and healthy life style” noted the Prime Minister of Georgia.

Head of the Government of Georgia stressed the ambitious plan of the authorities to transform Georgia into a regional hub of higher education, science and research. He expressed optimism towards successful adherence to the initiative by the authorities. In his opinion, concept behind the University City of Kutaisi will substantially advance the opportunities created in the education system of the country.

“We should have our attitude towards vocational education and have thus chosen the dual education model, which is regarded as the best model throughout the world. Higher education will be oriented towards the needs of rapid development in the country. Georgia will transform into a regional hub of science, research and education. We have all the resources and potential to materialize this goal. I believe that concept behind the University City of Kutaisi will substantially change the opportunities offered in the education system of the country and will be truly revolutionary break-through towards this end. We have the greatest potential in the face of teachers and I am confident that every effort will be made to the right direction. This is our goal and brain drain from the country will thus be substantially reduced. Nevertheless, we also need to note that it will be equally essential to allow for the inflow of talents in high numbers” added the Prime Minister of Georgia.