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Drug Quality Control is the most Important Issue

Children’s infectionist Maiko Janashia responds to quality control issue.

“Today, there are all sort of drugs in the market, high and low quality drugs.’

“However, it should be noted that the use of low-quality drugs does not work effectively, so it doubles expenses. Finally patients are forced to buy expensive drugs. Due to economic situation, at first stage, patients prefer to purchase low quality drugs,” Doctor notes.

It is worth mentioning that import for different countries is implemented differently, for instance French drug that is produced for French market has considerably different quality, and when this drug is produced in Georgia and has Georgian pack, it may have different quality.

Therefore, the quality of credibility, here, depends on the good faith of the importer. There are companies, manufacturing plants, which the trust is very high. I have experienced a number of brand companies, to whom credibility index is high.

“In general, the control is important for any direction, but the most vital is quality control of drugs,” Maiko Janashia added.