Who is Dmitry Troitsky, what is his background and why did he get interested with mining business in Georgia? Who does the rugby sponsor root for during the match and what are his future plans for Georgia?

The founder of the company “RMG”, Dmitry Troitski, answers the public’s questions in detail.

– Mr. Dmitry, tell us of the beginning of your business career in a few words.

– It started in 1989, when I decided to try myself in business after graduating from Petersburg University, so me and my friends founded an automobile realization company, which is one of the largest car dealership networks in Russia. Then we founded the company “Multon”, which produced famous juices like “Rich” and “Dobriy.” We developed brands for 10 years until Coca-Cola got interested in buying the company, which it did at for a then-unprecedented price of 500 million dollars.

– Why did you get interested with the mining business and since when have you started being active in this field?

– Any business is oriented towards development and utilization of new possibilities. Similarly, we tried to become active in this field in Armenia. We started a mining company from a clean slate and built quite a large and powerful facility which continues successfully operating to this day.

– Did the successful venture in Armenia become the foundation for considering investing into Georgian mining businesses? What was the size of the investment made by your company in Georgia?

– After Armenia, we did become interested in the South-Caucasian region overall and began negotiating with the Georgian side. We purchased mining licenses in a few years, and finally the facility assets.

– It so happened that RMG’s activity crossed paths with a rather difficult matter, which is cultural heritage protection. More specifically, the Sakdrissi site. What is the company’s stance regarding it?

– The company’s stance on it stems from several principles. First of all, we firmly uphold Georgian Law and will only conduct works for which we’ll have procured official permits. Secondly, protecting cultural heritage is a priority in our values. It’s something we always take into account both in our activities and when defining the company’s social policies. Plus the company cannot pick a side in scientific discussions; as is known, there are differing views regarding the importance of the Sakdrissi-Kachagiani site. A final verdict should be made by scientists of according competence, the only thing we can do is wait.

– And what will happen in case you do not end up receiving a permit for works at Sakdrissi-Kachagiani?

– In that case, we shall obviously adhere to the decision, although the company will fall into a difficult position. We have a number of very hard years ahead, we’ll need to cut down the power of the facilities and, most probably, employee numbers as well. Our social expenses and tax fees will suffer similar drops.

– You started your activities in Georgia while the previous government was still in power. How did the relationships fall with the new government? How did the business environment shift for you?

– I consider it very good when a government doesn’t interfere and create problems in business matters. I’d like to note that we haven’t had any problems from the government’s side, quite the contrary – we feel that it understands the situation surrounding our company. RMG isn’t another ordinary company. We have the potential to ensure 10% of Georgia’s entire export when working on full capacity. Our company and its contractor facilities employ over 3000 people, mostly local population.

– What would you say about the Georgian-Russian relations for these past few years?

– As a businessman I’m far away from politics, although I’d like to say that both sides would benefit much better if these relations were positive. I have hope that all the common pragmatic and economic interests that are inherent to Georgia and Russia will eventually contribute to normalizing relations between our two countries.

– Your company has sponsored Georgia’s rugby team for years, while the Russian team is one of our pivotal rivals. Who will you root for when our teams clash?

– As a citizen of Russia, I support my country in all types of sport. However, in this case I can let myself root for both teams, although I’m confident the strongest will win.  The support that our company lends to the Georgian rugby team is very important to me, and I’m also aware of how much this sport means to Georgians.