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Despite Economic Challenges in Region, Archi Group Plans to Broaden Field of Activity in 2016

Despite Economic Challenges in Region, Archi Group Plans to Broaden Field of Activity in 2016

The current year was found quite effective for the construction market. The demand on newly-built apartments has increased.

The number of customers has grown and respectively, before making their final decision to buy an apartment the customers pays a particular attention to every single detail, such as: the legal documentation, requests for recreational zone around the building, energy-efficient materials and European standard of living conditions. It is interesting what the Archi Group offers the population in this regard.  The interview is suggested with the general director of the company, Mr. Ilia Tsulaia.

–  Mr. Tsulaia, Archi Group is one of the leading construction companies in our country; it has started an active business in the period when the construction market in Georgia was significantly decreasing. What makes your business so successful?

– Archi Group is distinguished by the quality and completion of construction activities in due terms.

We have reliable and influential foreign business partners, who share our perspective and put their trust in us.

We made up our mind to start acting when everyone was inactive – in 2008. This was a quite daring step, but the risk was justified. When one overcomes such a difficult period, long-standing experience is guaranteed. Besides our own constructions, we made investments in the constructions which were stagnated during the crisis time and which are nowadays completed.

We implement projects in almost every district of Tbilisi. We are ready to offer customers apartments in any price categories. Hence, everyone who wishes to purchase an apartment in Archi Group will definitely find the apartment designed at his own choice in the desirable district with reasonable price.

– How many projects are currently being implemented by Archi Group?

– As I have already mentioned, we are constructing in almost every district of Tbilisi, the overall area amounts to approximately 80 000 sq.m, that is quite impressive index in construction sector.

Archi Tower is a premium class product, which is handed over to the customers with complete repairs in Chavchavadze 37. The trade zone of complex has been opened more than a year and is operating with full capacity. The block is distinguished by high standard of infrastructure, residents will have a chance to host their guests in lobby, to use the swimming pool specifically meant for them, spa-salon and gym.

The construction of dwellings in Bagebi and Paliashvili Str. will be finalized by the end of this year. The beautiful dwelling house of salon type is already completed in Tsinamdzgvrishvili Str. As for Dighomi Palace complex, the construction started in 2011. This is a residential building of six blocks which will be equipped with its own recreational ecologically clean zone. The construction of first three blocks is already finished, the two new blocks are now under construction and the next year the last new block will be added. Overall Archi Group will start the implementation of four new projects by the end of this year which will encompass the areas of Saburtalo, Avlabari and Isani.

– As we are aware, the present sale offers of the company is exceptional. Please, tell about this.

– I agree. The present offer of Archi Group is truly exceptional. 10 years of internal installments without the confirmation of incomes and only on the basis of ID cards, besides this, which is also very important the first installment amounts to the price of 1 sqm. Customer is guaranteed with three months of grace period for 30% installment.

In simple words, today you pay in the price of 1 sq.m, for instance 500 USD, after three months 30% of the price and afterwards the 10 years of installment are made.

This is very favorable condition for every family having stable income who wishes to purchase a new apartment; one can live in a new apartment and pay the price by small amount of installments.

– We should definitely mention the topic related to energy efficiency, all leading construction companies including yours use energy efficient materials, which ensures the high quality construction, what are other advantages of this type of materials?

– Thank you for this question. I have mentioned numerous times that one of the strongest motive powers of Archi Group is social responsibility. The energy-efficient materials are developed with this philosophy in European construction sector, they realize the paramount importance of saving energy and living in ecologically clean environment, and our goal is to offer Georgian customers this type of living standard. For this evidence it is even sufficient to claim that our houses are built with high quality of “Ytong” blocks made by modern manufacturing technologies.

Ytong is a German brand, the construction materials of which are widely used all over the world. Comparing with ordinary concrete construction block Ytong block has 6 times less heat conduction. The wall built with this block maintains the room temperature for longer time and hence approximately less than 40% energy is consumed for heating and cooling off the building. Besides the energy-efficiency, Ytong block is ecologically clean material, which ensures the healthy environment in apartments and which is necessary for inhabitants’ health.

– As we know you own the hotel chains named “Sunset”, do you plan any expansions in this respect?

– Under “Sunset” brand we operate two hotels in Shovi and Kvariati. Sunset Shovi is the first hotel of European standard in Racha region. It has been operating for already two years. The infrastructure is being permanently developed and the care for making the best comfort to customers is also permanent. The hotel offers diversified entertainment programs and equipment for the visitors: billiard, entertainment centers for kids, playground, periodically the horse riding and other adventure- perceptual tours are organized towards the direction of upper Racha.

In regard with Sunset Kvariati, this is a hotel-type residential complex, which is located in only 50 meters from the sea.

Apartments are repaired with high quality, equipped with furniture and techniques. Sunset Kvariati is highlighted for high quality of service and programs made in benefit of customers’ interests, which creates the maximum comfort and best relaxation conditions. It ensures the guaranteed annual income for apartment owners. Nowadays the boutique-type hotel “Silver 39” is being constructed in old Tbilisi. The investment to be made is one million and half USD. The hotel will come into exploitation in the end of 2016. We also plan to start building a new hotel comprised of 150 rooms, which will be managed by international company.

– What is the main goal of your company and why customers must choose you?

– Today Archi Group is signified by broad trust, by the quality of suggested products and by wide range of options. We try our best to encompass all segments, to offer them a wide range of options for districts and reasonable payment terms.

–  What are your predictions, what projects are going to be implemented and what do you plan for the next years?       

– I think the construction market will be more active in 2016. The quality of constructions is being improved, which influences the customers to purchase the newly-built houses. Our goal is to make it affordable for more customers to purchase an apartment in Archi Group and to ensure the living in European and energy-efficient houses. For that reason our motto is – Archi Group your European house.

Moreover, we start building the Ytong factory of German energy-efficient construction block with our partners. Up to 20 million Euros will be invested in this project.