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Deputy Trade Minister of China: Silk Road Initiative Moves to New Phase

“Georgia is the first country, which has reacted to Silk Road Forum initiative and it is an important partner”, Qian Keming, Deputy Commerce Minister of China, noted when delivering a speech at Silk Road Forum in Tbilisi.

Qian Keming is taking part in the Forum’s welcome panel – “High-level Dialogue: Belt and Road Union for Stability”.

The Deputy Commerce Minister of China discussed Georgia-China economic cooperation development perspectives: 

“Following the Silk Road aspirations, Georgia and China have signed a free trade agreement, which came into force in January 2017. This outlines new opportunities and opens new perspectives to develop trade and deepen economic activities between Georgia and China. 

Silk Road initiative will be of crucial importance for both China and the world. For many years, Chinese enterprises and entrepreneurs invested more than 6bln USD in various countries, including in construction of highway and railway infrastructure to connect people with each other without problem and boost trade”.

Deputy Commerce Minister Qian Keming noted that Silk Road initiative has moved to a new phase and this fact opens new perspectives for the future.

Qian Keming also discussed the importance of Silk Road, which is aimed at coordination of countries, deepening communication and financial integration. “This is a wide initiative for the whole world. Its objective is to arrange an open and free economy worldwide.

Our objective is to make future relations useful for everybody, especially for developing countries. We should penetrate new markets and use this historical moment and opportunities”, the Deputy Trade Minister of China noted.