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Demand for GeoFert Organic Fertilizers Grows on Exports Markets

Demand for products of GeoFert, an organic fertilizers manufacturing company, is growing on both domestic and exports markets. The company launched operation several months ago and has already attained successful results, the company commercial director David Kuprava noted.

“We export our products to Germany, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria. Negotiations are underway with many countries. As to Georgian market, we have already sold more than 1500 tons of fertilizers and the figure will further increase”, David Kuprava said.

When visiting the plant, Minister of Agriculture Levan Davitashvili noted that agriculture sector should be based on steady principles. It is important to expand agrarian production, on the one hand, and maintain soil fertility, on the other hand.

“Therefore, organic production is of special importance for Georgian agriculture sector development and we are happy that this process may proceed on the ground of Georgian fertilizers, Georgian production potential. Georgian industrial policy is very important in this respect so as we receive very quick economic growth results”, Levan Davitashvili said.

High-technology microbiological enterprise GeoFert is located in Kaspi. Iy is equipped by ultramodern machineries and production lines and produces ecologically clean fertilizers.

Currently, the company employs 120 persons, including 65 domestic residents. The management plans to increase number of employees up to 250 persons.