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Decision was Taken on Khudoni HPP Construction

The decision on construction of Khudoni Hydro Power Plant has been  taken and the final version of the agreement has already been compiled.

According to  the Minister of Energy Kakha Kaladze,  in the coming days society will be acquainted with the details of the project. “The decision about how and in what form KhudoniHPP will be built has already been made, and the information on this subject will be released  in the near future,”– says  the Minister.

According to available information, the new agreement provides for the state’s participation in the project in the face of the Partnership Fund, which may have only a10-20 %- stake in the project. Furthermore, to abandon  registration in the offshore was  among the requirements imposed by the state to “Transelectrica” company engaged in the project,  as well as to present a report on  the environmental impact of the HPP construction, etc.