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DCFTA Effect on Entrepreneurs

International School of Economics (ISET) has conducted a research work for outlining needs and challenges of business promoting organizations.

The research work has showed that promoter organizations have to win confidence of member and nonmember companies. At the same time, according to the report, media is an only source of information about DCFTA and internationally recognized certificates for entrepreneurs.

As to information about Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA) agreement with EU, 80% of questioned entrepreneurs have general information about it, however, they cannot answer the question how DCFTA agreement effect their performance.
“18.4% of questioned businessmen have not heard about such standards as HAACP, GLOBAL G.A.P. and ISO, while 81.6%, who are aware of these standards, have not named business sector promoting organizations as a source of information.

They have received information on the mentioned standards from media and internet editions (42%), various NGO projects (17%). A part of them has taken part in trainings on the mentioned standards organized by international organizations and Government of Georgia (15%). 

It is worth noting that 10% of the questioned businessmen have named state offices as a key source of information. 

81.6% have heard about various standards, but a major part of them (52%) assert that they need detailed knowledge and information about HAACP, GLOBAL G.A.P. and ISO standards”, the report reads.