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Minister of Health, Labor, and Social Affairs David Sergeenko, photo by Aleko Sharvadze

David Sergeenko: Implementation of Primary Health Care Reform is Underway

Ministry of Health, Labor, and Social Affairs plans to reform the Primary Health Care in the near future. David Sergeenko made this statement on Friday.

A statement in this regard was made, at the National Center for Disease Control and Public Health, that hosted a conference on C Hepatitis Elimination Program.

According to Sergeenko, together with Universal Healthcare and Hepatitis C elimination programs, the ministry plans to focus on improving Primary Health Care.

“Our first step was to develop the Universal Healthcare and C Hepatitis Elimination programs and for now we have launched both of them successfully. At this stage, I can tell you that one of the main goals is to improve the primary healthcare,”  Sergeenko said. “We have been actively getting consultations with the international consulting group “Global Alliance,” he added.

The main focus of Georgian healthcare is creating a primary healthcare package.

It happened that during the last years or rather decades there was not paid enough attention to the primary healthcare and the whole focus was concentrated on the hospital sector. It is clear that such attitude consists several risks, as primary healthcare is not fullfilling its part, which in ideal situation is to manage 80% of medical needs and only 20% should be given to the stationary treatment. Unfortunately our reality is that the patients are applying to the hospitals and they are themselves choosing the specialists and the institute of home doctor, and in general of primary healthcare is almost skipped out. I as a minister frankly to say don’t see the primary healthcare as a system yet in Georgia. Our main goal is to create it and to improve it.

David Sergeenko
Conference “The way to move forward”, photo by Aleko Sharvadze

The major entrance of the healthcare is thr primary heathcare. The powerful pyramid should be based on it. Unfortunately this is not our case. Recent primary healthcare has diffusional structure, it is difficult to distinguish any system elements and the doctors are avoiding to discuss the case because its delicatness. But we should state thet for example the income of the primary doctors is far from adequate. It is obvious that all professions are special, but the doctors’ is unique. I’ll not count why. The doctors should not be left on the battlefield with their economic problems alone. In this case it will be impossible to talk about the quality of medical care”. 

Malkin, Sergeenko
Photo by Aleko Sharvadze