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Partership Fund Head, David Saganelidze

David Saganelidze Changes the Partnership Fund’s Priorities

The Partnership Fund (PF) will sign Memorandums with a number of companies tomorrow. The head of PF David Saganelidze stated before the Silk Road Forum opening.

In his words, the Memorandums will be  mainly singed in  agriculture, tourism and industrial areas and not  in the energy field, because, as Saganelidze noted, Georgia had managed to make this area attractive for foreigners.

“The role and function of the Partnership Fund will be very large. The Fund’s purpose is to develop the industries the country needs most. It’s also very important to give the opportunity to the Georgian businessmen to draw closer to the foreign investors and attract as mush foreign investments to the country as possible. The Partnership  Fund is working with Chinese investors, it is one of our first goals, we will hold a presentation for  many companies, in particular, several Memorandums will be signed tomorrow,” he stated.