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Copper Ores Emerge as Georgia’s Major Export Items

In January-May 2016 Georgia’s foreign trade turnover made up 4070 million USD (without unorganized trade) , up 3% compared to the same period of 2015.

Including, the export marked 780 million USD, down 12% year on year and the imports marked 3290 million USD, up 8% year on year. Georgia’s negative trade balance in January-May 2016 made up 2509 million USD and constituted 62% in foreign trade turnover.

In the reporting period, copper ores and concentrates ranked first in top ten exports items with 127 million USD and 16% in total exports. Ferroalloys ranked second with 66 million USD and 8%. Motorcars ranked third with 63 million USD and 8%.

In January-May 2016 medications were recorded as major imports item with 748 million USD imports and 23% ratio in total imports. Oil and oil products ranked second with 186 million USD and 6% ratio. Motorcars ranked second with 178 million USD (5% in total imports).